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    Get a detailed report of online marketing opportunities for your business.

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    The team at NexGen has been providing effective online marketing training and services to corporate marketing departments, small businesses and entrepreneurs since 2012. We develop training courses and services that have been designed with your business in mind. Our team team conducts research on your current social media marketing efforts and online presence to create a set of strategies that will help your team manage your digital marketing efforts with confidence, ease, automation and a little fun too.

  • What We Offer

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    Responsive Web Design

    Taking the web into mobile world

    The look and feel of your website has a direct influence on how your potential customers feel about your brand.

    Social Media Management

    Spreads your business in social media

    We work to build a community of brand ambassadors for your business, connecting with fans and managing your online reputation.

    Search Engine Optimization

    Get your site on top

    SEO is a critical part of your digital marketing strategy. When SEO is done correctly, it can become one of the hardest members of your marketing team.

    Content Strategy & Creation

    Creating good contents

    Get content created for your brand that will persuade potential buyers to give you their email address in exchange for some valuable information i.e. Ebooks, Infographics or Whitepapers.

    Video Marketing

    Get your video noticed

    We offer high-definition video production, script writing and targeted online video advertising to increase your brand visibility and sales.

    Email Marketing

    Use the power of email marketing

    Many sales still happen in the email inbox. Get a customized email marketing campaign that will build relationships, shorten the sales cycle and increase profits.

  • Additional Services

    Keep trust on NexGen and we gonna throughout the building process of your business

    Corporate Training

    Doing corporate training

    Do you need someone to train your team on the most effective social media marketing strategies working today? We have trainings that will work with your marketing department to help them focus on creating the best digital marketing plan to meet your business objectives.

    Press Hacking

    Press hacking

    Many businesses do not realize how simple it can be to harness the power of the media through using regular press releases. If your company has won an award, promoted an employee to a new position, celebrated a milestone anniversary or anything else noteworthy, a press release could be just what you need to get back in the public eye.

    Google Apps

    Doing google app

    Entrepreneurs and small business owners are often working on a “bootstrap budget” when first starting out. Did you know that Google has numerous of apps and programs that can save you thousands of dollars and help you work more efficiently? If you are interested in learning how Google can help your business, ask about our “Small Business Owner’s Guide to Google Apps.”

    Digital Publishing

    Doing google app

    A book is the fastest way to get the attention of your ideal client and the media. Imagine passing out a book instead of a business card at your next networking event. When you need a way to differentiate yourself in your industry, consider writing a book that will share your expertise in your field.

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  • Meet the Team

    We've got a top notch team!

    Toya Wilson-Smith

    Managing Director | Co-Founder With an M.B.A. in Marketing and a B.S. in Finance

    Toya focuses on driving the team to always keep the analytics in mind. She spends most of her time developing business strategy and social marketing campaigns.

    Chandra Smith


    Extensive experience managing digital advertising and supporting the technical needs of our team. When something breaks, we IM her.

    Jewel Mahmud

    Website Designer & Developer

    Jewel is a highly skilled website and graphic designer that provides tech savy know-how like no other.

    Chic Scaparo

    Strategic Partner & Videographer

    Chic joined our team 6 months ago to help us launch our division focused video marketing and production. We call him the “video expert extrordinaire.


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